POCKET Power Straight® Anti-Slice Golf Club Coating Twin Pack
US Envirotech, Inc.

POCKET Power Straight® Anti-Slice Golf Club Coating Twin Pack

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Save 25% when you buy our Twin Pack!

Hit the ball longer and straighter off the first tee - Guaranteed!

Pocket Power Straight® is the same great anti-slice formula in a new, convenient pocket size bottle.

Power Straight® Benefits:

  • Fix your slice or hook in seconds...just spray and play!
  • Helps you hit the ball up to 28˚ straighter and 13% longer;
  • Play faster rounds and lose less balls;
  • Hit more fairways & greens, lower your handicap...and have more fun!
  • New convenient pocket-size to fit in your pocket or bag!

Power Straight® will absolutely reduce side spin off your club face correcting your hook or slice. It's just simple science. Reduce friction and you reduce side spin (the reason you slice or hook). Just spray on your club face and play. Each application lasts a full round.

Power Straight® is a patented friction reducing nano-polymer coating designed specifically for golf clubs. It is non-toxic, contains no petro-chemicals and is environmentally-friendly.

Gain the edge with Power Straight®

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